Keeping yourself entertained during a power outage.

Keeping yourself entertained during a power outage.

OK, lets imagine for a moment that we are in the middle of storm and your all tucked in for the evening watching your favorite flick and ALL OF THE SUDDEN THE POWER GOES OUT!! Will you scream out in frustration or quietly go to your preparedness supplies and continue your evening in comfort during a power outage? I’ll be doing the latter because I have made my list and bought my supplies for just such an occasion.

1.) I grab my hand crank flashlight and turn off switches throughout the condo to anything that was on before the outage.
2.) Fill empty bottles with tap water ( just in case there’s a bigger issue with the water supply).
3.) Pull out a couple of strands of battery powered lights ; put one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and keep on with me.
4.) Call to check the status of the outage with the power company.
5.) If I still have a cellular connection then I’ll periodically check for any weather or emergency warnings.
5.) Pop a DVD, (yes I kept them for just such an event) into my always charged portable DVD player, grab a glass of vino, pet the cat and relax till the power comes back on or it’stime to go to sleep.

During a Power Outage You’ll be Happy Your Tech is Fully Charged

I keep the following items charged up and ready to go.

Kindles (2) ( 1 has all my favorite movies downloaded to the kindle so if I don’t have an internet connection I can still watch a movie and the other has my kindle books, magazine downloaded to the device.
IPAD’s (2)
IPhones (2)
Mac Air
Mac Book Pro
Portable DVD Player
Wireless headphones
Portable Chargers ( 1 small one that stays in my purse and 2 larger ones to power up the kindle or Ipad if needed.

This scenario assumes an overnight power outage; if it’s something more serious then no wine for this girl.

during a power outage stay safe and if possible check on neighbors.

the urban kitten
the urban kitten

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  1. Martin Fury
    February 27, 2017 / 4:50 pm

    or his he just sittn’ there, Criticising
    He probably caused the outage in the first place with his tightwad fukn’

  2. Martin Fury
    February 27, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    All Kidding Aside
    What I think might also be a helpful item is a portable solar charger at least for your cell phone.