50 Ways To Save Money on Groceries and Spend Less When Dining Out.

50 Ways To Save Money on Groceries and Spend Less When Dining Out.

You can save money on groceries and with a few easy to follow tips. One of the biggest expenses in my budget is food, and it really adds up, sometimes when I want to go to the mall, I head for the grocery store to get my shopping fix.  For the most part, it’s usually pretty easy to save $10 or $20 a week with a little planning. Saving just $20 a week adds up to over $1000 a year, enough for a vacation if you can use reward points for airfare and hotel costs. If not, it is still enough for a weekend getaway.

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31 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

  1. Know your grocery prices and how often items go on sale
  2. Use coupons, electronic and paper
  3. Check the weekly ads and flyers
  4. Sign up for cash back and rebate grocery apps
  5. Develop and follow a grocery budget
  6. Plan meals for the week based on what’s on sale
  7. Shop with a list and stick to it
  8. Shop at discount grocery stores like Trader Joe’s or similar stores where prices are generally cheaper than chain grocery stores
  9. Spend a Saturday afternoon cooking in bulk and freeze for later
  10. Shop at Dollar Stores for pantry staples
  11. Learn to cook from scratch
  12. Buy generic products
  13. Don’t buy convenience and pre-cut fruits.
  14. Buy produce that’s in season
  15. Buy meat when on sale and freeze for later use. ( check out this vacuum sealer  on Amazon)
  16. Make your own spice blends and marinades
  17. Brown bag your lunch for work
  18. Shop more often and only purchase what you need for a couple of days to avoid food waste.
  19. One night a week go through the fridge and have leftovers for dinner.
  20. Don’t buy individually packaged foods. Buy larger and portion out into baggies.
  21. An oldie but rings true – Don’t shop hungry
  22. Check out your local salvage grocery store and outlet bakeries. Search for an outlet near you
  23. Shop the clearance aisles in the grocery store, especially good for desserts and bread
  24. Sign up for loyalty programs
  25. Grow your own herbs
  26. Have a no grocery shopping week or weekend and just cook what’s in your pantry and freezer
  27. Use lemon juice to preserve fruits and vegetables
  28. Stock up on pantry staples you commonly use
  29. Ask for Rainchecks on out of stock sale items
  30. Buy milk at the drugstore; it’s usually cheaper than the grocery store
  31. Grocery shop alone

19 Ways to Save Money When Dining Out

  1. Order water instead of soft drinks
  2. Don’t buy alcohol unless it’s happy hour
  3. Sign up for emails alerts to get coupons
  4. Share an entrée
  5. Order takeout and add your own salads, drinks and have a picnic at the beach
  6. Use dining certificates, read the fine print before you buy
  7. Eat at buffets or Gourmet Food Trucks
  8. If vacationing in Las Vegas buy the 24-hour buffet pass
  9. Buy discounted gift cards from Gift Card Granny or AARP
  10. Eat early and take advantage of early bird specials
  11. Opt for the independently owned diners instead of chain restaurants
  12. Get free food on your birthday ( check out my freebies post)
  13. Skip desserts
  14. Skip delivery on takeout if there is a charge, and pick it up yourself
  15. Order an appetizer instead of an entree
  16. Eat dinner at home and go out for dessert and coffee afterward
  17. Take the survey at the bottom of your receipt to receive free food
  18. Use restaurant coupons and discounts from Groupon or Living Social
  19. Find the best Happy Hour in your area

Save your receipts for a month then review to see exactly how much and where you spend on groceries. Also, keep a lookout for discounted gift cards to save a few dollars

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