Tips to Save Money For a Financially Secure Future

Tips to Save Money For a Financially Secure Future


Are you looking for ways to save money? Do you have limited disposable income to work with? The following can be started with a minimal amount of cash.

If you take only one idea from this post, you will be taking an important step forward in creating a secure financial future for yourself.

It’s never too late or early to start saving for your future.

Live on Less Than You Earn

Many people spend what they earn or more than earn leaving them with no savings.  Find yourself in an emergency situation and hi-ho into debt we go. If you want to be financially independent, this one habit a must-do.  I regret not learning this lesson earlier in life. Start by auditing your recurring expenses to find any unnecessary expenses and creating a monthly budget.  

If you need a little motivation, try reading the classic book Your Money or Your Life. I suggest the Kindle edition, so you always have a little financial inspiration with you.

Live Debt Free

If you in debt repayment mode or are recently debt-free, don’t forget how it felt to be saddled with debt. If you are just starting out; read stories of people who have paid off massive amounts of debt.  Think of debt as indentured servitude.  Consumer debt is avoidable and an unnatural by-product of the industrial world. 

Start Micro-Investing

I wish someone told me this when I in my 20’s! Think compounding interest, what a magical concept.  Even if invest or save $10 just a week you are creating a powerful habit. Start with investing apps like Stockpile, set up a separate savings account, or sign up for your companies 401 (k).

Stockpile allows you to start investing with as little as $5. Buy fractional shares in 1,000+ name brand stocks and ETFs at Stockpile. Stockpile has No monthly or annual fees. Stockpile charges only 99¢ a trade.

Save Money With a Purpose

A house, car or even a new computer gadget.  Figure out how many weeks, months or year until your purchase and save accordingly.  Use a separate savings account and decline the ATM card.

If you like to splurge around the holidays, open up an old fashion Holiday Club account and save a few dollars every week.

Whether your trying get out of debt or saving for a home, stay focused and you’ll reach your goal of financial security.


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