Five Tips for Softer Line Dried Clothes

Five Tips for Softer Line Dried Clothes

I live in a small condo with a covered balcony so I can easily hang my clothes to dry outdoors. Line dried clothes stay looking fresh and new longer, the heat from the dryer breaks down the fabric, that’s why you see “lint” in the dryer. Hanging clothes outside to dry can sometimes leave them feeling stiff. Here are a few tips for softer line dried clothing.

1. Use Less Laundry Detergent in the Washer

It is the residue of soap left in your laundry that causes the clothes to become stiff when you line dry them. Reduce the amount of laundry soap that you use for each load. I use half the recommended amount, and my clothes come out of the washer fresh and clean.

2. Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is natural fabric softener, add a half cup to the final rinse cycle to dissolve remaining soap residue which can cause line dried clothes to stiffen. The vinegar smell will disappear when the clothes dry.

3. Shake out your clothes

Shake out your clothes before hanging them. Give them a good shake also help to release wrinkles.

4. Air Flow

Hanging your clothes out in the breeze will help fluff them up and reduce the stiff feel. If drying on an indoor clothes line, you can point a fan at the clothes to create a breeze.


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