Prepping: Bug Out Bag Basics

Prepping: Bug Out Bag Basics

What is a Bug Out Bag?

Simple put it’s a portable kit that contains the items you would require to survive for seventy-two hours when evacuating from a disaster, however some kits are designed to last longer periods of time than just 72 hours. For the purpose of this article we will assume your bag is for a 72 hour period.

Why would I bug-out?

It seems like more and more often we hear about the latest devastating natural disasters around the globe and you realize it CAN happen, it HAS happened and at some point it COULD happen in your town.

Selecting a Bug Out Bag

A BOB can be a simple backpack, which is sturdy enough to hold the contents without tearing the seams. My BOB is a Patagonia Bag with a padded compartment for a laptop. If I was to buy another one I would look at the Solargopack or BirkSun bags with built in solar panels for charging your electronics.
If you really want something seriously sturdy then get a framed bag. Check out the supply closet for BOB’s I find promising.
After you purchase your BOB, DON’T remove the tags. Load it up with your supplies, put it on and go for walk or simply wear it around the house for a few hours. Does it feel sturdy? Is it comfortable? If not, return it and try another style. If it does work for you, take the tags off and you’re done until you need it or replace the contents.

What Goes into the Bug Out Bag

What goes into you BOB will depend on your personal needs –consider things such as your location and your health. I’ve listed some items for your consideration.


Food items should be lightweight and provide proper nutrition. I’m not a fan of MRE’s or freeze dried foods so I only pack food I currently eat. I also don’t want anything in my BOB that requires warming or cooking to be edible.

Example of food items for your BOB

Water – I came across individual packs of water at the local army navy store which are compact and lightweight ( I keep 2 8 ounce packs in my cars glove compartment at all times)
Dried raisins or craisins
Small bags of nuts or trail mix
Single Serve packs of tuna or salmon
Single Serve packs of Peanut butter
Individual bottle of booze (vodka, whiskey, etc.) why not, right?
Don’t forget to include disposable utensils and a small manual can opener if you intend on packing any canned goods.
If I can bug out with in my car, then I’ll grab a grocery bag and load it up with stuff from my pantry like, beans and soups, etc. and any fresh bread or crackers, and bottled water that I have on hand.

Personal Hygiene Items ( check out the supply closet to find many of these items)

Place items in a gallon size Ziploc bag
Toilet Tissue
Seat Covers – travel pack
Waterless disposable toothbrushes and floss picks
Dry Shampoo
Bar soap
Hair Ties or bands

For the urban kittens that would not be caught without her face on, go ahead and include your must have make-up , mascara, lip gloss, body lotion, make up remover sheets, etc. Look for the individually packed travel sizes for ease . Again what you decide to pack will depend on your personal needs.

Survival Kit

Matches and/or Lighter
Flashlight with batteries
Bungee cord
Swiss Army Knife
Sewing Kit
Thermal Blanket
Water purification tablet
Potassium Iodide pills (if your concerned about nuclear fallout)
Small roll of duct tape
2 Heavy duty trash bags
Dust Mask
Handkerchief or Bandana
Printed Map
Pepper Spray


Small First Aid Kit
Travel Size Advil, Tylenol Aspirin ( your preference)
Eye Drops
Alcohol wipes (individually wrapped)
Snake Bite Kit
All prescription medications


2 pair Yoga Pants (2 Long Sleeve T-shirts
Change of undergarments for 3 days
Nylon windbreaker

Keep a pair of hiking or riding boots and a warm jacket and blanket in the trunk of your car.


I have a small flash drive that includes all my really important information.
Hand Crank and Solar Multi band Radio
Solar Charger for your electronics
Charging Cords
Car Charger
Don’t forget your phone and any back up batteries and cords on your way out the door.

What to store in your Car

Pick up a Duffel bag for coats, extra food items, blankets, etc.
Igloo Cooler
Camp Stove
Solar Generator
Portable Tent
Pocket Rain Coat
Rain Boots
Thick Rope

Even if you never encounter a major disaster that requires you to evacuate, having a plan is peace of mind. Do you have a Bog Out Bag? Please comment and let me know the area you live in and what you’ve packed in your bag.

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