Eight Ways to Add a Little Bit of Pretty to Your Life

Eight Ways to Add a Little Bit of Pretty to Your Life

It’s the little and inexpensive things that can make your day that much more pleasant – a flower on a tray, or a beautiful photograph on the wall. Find things that will delight your eye and include them as part of your everyday routine.  Look for the small surprises that make even the simplest thing a little bit special.

Here are few suggestions to make your day a little prettier and hopefully put a smile on your face.

  1. Dress up a shallow basket of fruit with a few daisies tucked in.
  2. Decorate an inexpensive lamp shade with a colorful ribbon.
  3. Hang sheer curtains in the bedroom and tie them back with a ribbon and tuck a few sprig of lavender in the bow.
  4. Put candles on the table when dining, even if it’s just for you.
  5. Update the pulls on your nightstand with something unique from a flea market or a store like Anthropologie.
  6. Drink water from a beautiful glass instead of a plastic bottle.
  7. Hang tiny solar lights on your balcony rail for a little extra sparkle.
  8. Pick up fresh lavender and place in a vase on your balcony. The fragrance will gently waft into your home.

Each payday I pick up a bunch of fresh lavender and chamomile from my local Trader Joe’s and scatter them around my office in small vases.  The aroma lasts for a very long time and when the lavender dries it’s still beautiful.

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