Fly with Carry On Only and Simplify Your Travel

  Traveling and Packing Light Starts with Finding the Best Carry On Baggage. Do you want to travel more, pack light and fly with carry-on luggage only? Before shopping for new carry-on baggage  do your research. Start with checking the carry-on policies of the airlines you frequently fly. Check the policies of each airline website individually or use a site like Seat Guru for research. Select a bag that rolls easily and is comfortable to carry through the airport and lift into the overhead. My Antler Spinner glides effortlessly glides through the airport. If you’ve never owned a four-wheeler, I suggest you give one a try. Vintage pieces can be quite stylish.  They usually need to be carried in hand so opt for one small enough to be your personal item and that can be put on top of your wheelie for effortless travel through the airport. Always try to … Continue reading Fly with Carry On Only and Simplify Your Travel