Tips for selecting the best seat on the airplane

  Finding The Best Seat On The Airplane Are you tired of finding out you have a bad seat on the airplane after it’s too late to make a change? I offer a few general tips for finding the best seat on the plane. For Safety, seats located behind the wings, not over them, have the highest survival rates. Want a  Smooth ride, select a seat over the wing. I find the front and rear of the plane tend to bounce a bit more than a seat located over the wings. Desire a Quiet ride, choose a seat toward the front of the cabin. The trade-off is you may overhear the flight attendants discussions and other be bothered by passengers visiting the bathroom facilities.  Also, the window seats are several decibels louder than aisle seats. If Sleeping on the plane, choose a window seat, near the middle of the airplane. … Continue reading Tips for selecting the best seat on the airplane