Tips for selecting the best seat on the airplane


Finding The Best Seat On The Airplane

Are you tired of finding out you have a bad seat on the airplane after it’s too late to make a change? I offer a few general tips for finding the best seat on the plane.

  • For Safety, seats located behind the wings, not over them, have the highest survival rates.
  • Want a  Smooth ride, select a seat over the wing. I find the front and rear of the plane tend to bounce a bit more than a seat located over the wings.
  • Desire a Quiet ride, choose a seat toward the front of the cabin. The trade-off is you may overhear the flight attendants discussions and other be bothered by passengers visiting the bathroom facilities.  Also, the window seats are several decibels louder than aisle seats.
  • If Sleeping on the plane, choose a window seat, near the middle of the airplane. Window seats provide a better spot to lay your head. The center of an airplane reduces the chances of being bothered by bathroom lines or noisy food and beverage service.
  • Prefer a Quick Exit, then choose a seat in the front. When deplaning those in the front typically get to leave first, unless the airline has a rear and front exit.
  • For the most Legroom, select an aisle seat in an exit row.
  • Exit row seats typically offer more space. I always carry a tote on the airplane, so I avoid the Bulkhead seats considering the lack of under-seat storage and the flight attendants usually store their supplies in the overhead, I like to have my bag close and right over my seat row for easy access.
  • The best chance of getting Overhead space is early boarding. Alternately if your assigned seat is located in the middle or rear of plane try to be one of the first ones on the plane.  Not much else you can do, this is why boarding is the most stressful part of the flight for me when I fly with carry-on luggage.

Before purchasing your airfare, check the available seats and then check Seat Guru for details about the specific flight and airplanes available seating.

Do you have your own tips or airline specific suggestions to share?

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