Simple and Satisfying Easy Chili Recipe for the Weekend Cook

chili cooking in dutch ovenI love to cook uncomplicated recipes, and old fashion stick to your ribs comfort food is the most fun. I work a full-time day job so cooking during the week becomes utilitarian and most of the time the husband takes control of the Monday through Friday kitchen duty. On the weekends the kitchen is my domain and I usually make stews, soups, roasts or sweet treats for the weekend menu.  Also, I make sure to have a bit leftover for a Monday brown bag lunch. 
Using your slow cooker or crock pot is perfect for whipping up simple meals and  saves space in your small kitchen.
This week I’m making my favorite easy chili recipe.  My chili recipe is perfect for the small kitchen cook since you have very little prep other than dicing the green peeper and onion and opening a few cans.


the urban kitten
the urban kitten

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