Disaster Planning And Your Pet Emergency Kit

Are your pet’s tags up to date? Are your pets micro-chipped? Remember if your pet is lost and someone finds them, their ID is the way home to you.

Make a pet emergency kit and at minimum include:
Pet food

bottled water
vet records
current photo of your pet(s)
litter and pan
manual can opener
food dishes
collar and leash
pet carrier

Identify local emergency shelters and find out which ones allow you to bring your pets with you. If no local shelter will allow you to bring your pets with you then have a backup plan. Do you have friends or family outside of the local area that would be willing to host you and your animals?
NEVER leave your pet(s) behind! Most likely they won’t be able to survive on their own.

If you have created an emergency pet plan that you would like to share please leave us a comment.

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