Organize Your Pantry Using These Simple Tips

Organize Your Pantry Using These Simple Tips

Is your pantry unorganized  and making it difficult to easily find what you need?  If you don’t have an abundance of time for a complete pantry reorganization but desperately need to organize your pantry, try these tips to whip your space into shape in under an hour.  You can get your pantry into shape quickly no matter if your pantry is a walk-in closet style or a small shelf.   

Tips and Techniques to Organize Your Pantry

Turn items with the labels facing out

By facing the labels out, you can see what you have at a glance and less chance of buying something you already have.  Stack multiples of the same item to keep it organized.

Group similar items and flavors together

Group items by food type; vegetable, canned tomato section, soups, beans, condiments, marinades, etc..  This will make it easy to see what you might be running low on. Make use of expandable tiered shelves to make things easier to find.  

Check expiration dates

Check the expiration dates and put the items with the closest expiration date in the front. Anything that’s almost expired, pull it out and try to use it in a recipe before the use by date.

Use baskets to group quick pantry meal items together

Keep at least one non-perishable pantry meal on hand.  My favorites are rice, canned tuna and canned peas and tuna casserole made with cream of mushroom soup, tuna, and egg noodles. Pantry meals are perfect for those nights you come home and want something quick and easy for dinner.  

Keep shelves clean

Use a damp rag to clean up dust and debris that accumulate on the pantry shelves.  A clean pantry looks more organized.  

Organize your pantry using clear containers

Throw out bulky packaging and use clear containers. Bags of dried beans can be stored in clear glass jars, pasta can be taken out of the box and transferred to a tall container.  Transfer foods like crackers and cookies into an airtight container. I use mason jars for brown sugar, cocoa powder and a dried bean mix.

Make use of door space

Try using a small shower Caddy hung on the inside if the pantry door for onions and potatoes.  I also store these items inside sheer organza drawstring bags, so I see what I have, and so they don’t fall on the floor when I open the pantry door.

Another idea is to use an over the door shoe organizer to store single items or something as simple as a wire spice rack.

Maximize corner shelves

If you have an awkward corner shelf try placing a Lazy Susan in the corner to make items more easily accessible.

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