Let’s Talk Lunch Bags

Let’s Talk Lunch Bags

Do you brown bag your lunch every day?  You might believe finding a good lunch bag would be simple, right?  The perfect bag depends on if you carry your lunch tucked into another bag or carried separately.  Personally, I’m in the one bag camp. I carry a large tote that fit’s my lunch bag, water, coffee, iPhone and a small purse for my wallet and other necessities. Sometimes I only bring a light breakfast and don’t need my larger lunch bag. I own two lunch bags of different sizes to accommodate my daily needs.

Another plus for brown bagging it is all the money you save and a healthier diet.

The Lunch Bag  and a Few Food Safety Tips

Choose an insulated box or bag that can hold a freezer pack or you wrap a frozen bottle of water to keep the lunch box cool. 

Perishable foods like sliced deli meats, mayonnaise. dairy, and eggs should be kept cool in the lunch bag and eaten with 4 or 5 hours. 

Don’t pack just cooked food in the lunch bag right away, first cool in the refrigerator overnight.

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