Attending Blogger Conferences and Find Inspiration and Support.

Attending Blogger Conferences and Find Inspiration and Support.

When I started my first blog “the modern minimalist” I had a vague idea of what I wanted to say. However, it was difficult to stay engaged.  As luck would have, the Blogher16 conference was being hosted in Los Angeles, so close that I had no excuse not to go other than the fact that I was a bit nervous being around so many great bloggers.  Who was I to say that I was a blogger, someone with a small blog and a handful of posts surely would not be taken seriously, WRONG. I highly recommend attending a blogger conference even if you only have one post and an idea.

I’m am most definitely an introvert and have a level of social anxiety that has sometimes prevented me from following my passions.  Blogging was different, I could be somewhat invisible and still explore my creative side. Off to Blogher15 I went and experienced two wonderful days of speakers and workshops, I felt inspired.  I was energized and started to revamp my blog design, wrote a few posts and focused my blog on cooking instead of the kitchen sink.  Bogher16 was a

After my first conference, I knew this was something I needed to continue doing.  I wanted to experience different conferences to find out which ones provided the most value and motivation.

My second conference was the International Food Bloggers Conference in September at the Sacramento Convention Center.  I was immersed in this conference because I traveled to Sacramento, stayed in a hotel and was alone, no distractions.  At the IFBC I was once again greeted with friendly and supportive faces.  By this time I had started a second blog, “the urban kitten” to blog about my other passions of saving money, finding deals, fashion and a toned down version of survival in the city.

My third conference was FINCON17, WOW what a fun conference! This conference was huge, about 1700 people great speakers and packed with sessions for all levels.  I met a couple of very nice people and again left inspired and a more informed blogger.  With each conference, my place in the blogosphere is becoming more evident.

Future Conferences

My next blogger conference is SNAP18, held in Salt Lake City, Utah in April. The SNAP conferences is a blogger conference geared toward creative blogs.  After, the SNAP conference I’ll attend ConnectHer conference in August at the SLS in Las Vegas. I’m also looking to attend the Build Your Blog Conference, Everything Food, TechMunch and.  After my blog has grown a bit, I plan on attending the ALT Summit and Social Media Conferences.

I plan to attend several different conferences then decide which ones provided me with the most value and personal benefit. Each conference I attend gives me more confidence, a clearer vision for the future of my blog and I learn something new.

If you are unable to attend a conference in person, I would highly suggest listening to the ProBlogger podcast and the ShoutMeLoud podcast. Also, some conferences offer Virtual pass tickets for those you can’t attend in person.  The cost is much less since you and has no travel costs.

Blogger Conference List

Check out the conference websites for up to date information on dates, locations and costs. The following conferences are the ones I have either attended or have on my “to attend” list.  The following is not a comprehensive list of all the active blogger conferences around the country. Click on the conference title to be redirected to the official conference page.  Some of these conferences have early bird pricing that is incredibly affordable, and some offer virtual passes.


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