27 Cheap Date Ideas

27 Cheap Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, check out these 27 cheap date ideas!  I’ve done every one of these cheap dates with my husband, some of them before he was my husband, and each one was special and fun.  Spending time together without spending a lot of money is rewarding, and you can learn a lot about each others  likes and dislikes.

Also, check your local cities website for cheap date ideas in the “things to do” section and your local or neighborhood newspaper for two for one deals on admissions.

Cheap Date Ideas for the Frugal Couple

  1. See a play at a 99 seat theater or college production. 
  2. Picnic in the park.
  3. Godzilla movie marathon.
  4. A romantic walk on the beach.
  5. See a Summer movie on your iPad, outdoors in the park or on the beach.
  6. Shop garage sales on a Saturday morning then go for coffee.
  7. Find the happy hours that offer free or cheap appetizers.
  8. Make it a triple date and play board games.
  9. Stroll the local antique shops.
  10. Fly kites or play Frisbee in the park.
  11. Cook a new recipe at home while watching a food-related movie like Julie and Julia.
  12. Go for dessert at a little French café and then a stroll afterward.
  13. Go to a local high school sporting event.
  14. Pack fruit and cheese and head out to the beach and watch the sunset.
  15. Drive around the city taking photos of the old and unique architecture.
  16. Take a seasonal outing to a Pumpkin patch or Christmas tree farm.
  17. Curl up on the sofa and read a book together.
  18. Sign up for a free introductory dance class.
  19. Go to a bar and pretend you don’t know each other and try to pick each other up.
  20. Check out the local art museums.
  21. Binge watch a new TV show like Stranger Things.
  22. Double date, order a pizza and play “truth or dare” or “twenty questions.”
  23. Go to a video arcade then go home and watch TRON.
  24. Miniature golf.
  25. Midnight movies at a local art theater.
  26. Invite friends over for a backyard BBQ- everyone brings their own food to cook and booze to drink.
  27. Explore the city on your bike (be careful, wear a helmet and stay on the bike paths)


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