Airport Fashion – What to Wear When Traveling


The Urban Kittens Basic Rules for Traveling in Comfort and Style


Airport Fashion, is that actually a real thing? Do you struggle with what to wear on the plane? There is always that one person on your flight who looks effortlessly chic, don’t you want to be that one person?

I have traveled enough over the years to come up with my go to outfits for short haul, cross country and international. I travel with carry-on luggage only, not necessarily to save money but for the convenience and peace of mind knowing my stuff is safely within reach.

Lesson learned. Travel stylish, travel prepared for a layover and travel safe.

  • Bottoms – I prefer pants with a little stretch ,no zippers or complicated detailing – think minimalist style.
  • Top – Loose fitting in a wrinkle resistant fabric, avoid sloppy oversized t-shirts. Before selecting your top do the wrinkle test, grab a section of the garment and scrunch in your hand, release and see how bad the fabric wrinkles.
  • Cardigan or cute large scarf to cover up when it gets chilly. If traveling during warm weather I wear a lighter weight fabric, but not so light you can see through it.
  • Jewelry – I skip it altogether, any jewelry I’m taking is placed in a small organza drawstring bad and stays in my purse.
  • Shoes – If you want to wear your heaviest shoes or boots and they required buckles, or laces just wear travel flats to the airport, carry your shoes in a tote, go through security and change into your cool boots for the plane trip.
  • Luggage – 22-inch 4 wheel carry-on and sole society travel tote. Inside my carry-on I use one packing cube for clothing. Shoes are put inside shoes bags. If I have TSA Pre-Check,  I’ll pack my toiletries inside my carry-on otherwise it goes in my tote for easy removal.
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