About Me

The Urban Kitten is about  saving money, preparing for life’s financial emergencies, and the joy of cooking tasty food. I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to experience life’s little luxuries and believe in quality over quantity.

Living  in a small condo with my husband and two cats, storage space is an issue. My blog is written from the perspective of someone who lives in the city,doesn’t have an acre of land to grow food, and has modest means with expensive taste.  The Urban Kitten is for all you guys and gals who have no intention of raising chickens or hoeing the back 40.

The Urban Kitten is for those of you who are interested in a simpler chicer and cheaper lifestyle.


My 1960’s small kitchen may not be perfect but is my favorite space in our small one bedroom condo.  I’ve devised a few tips and tricks for maneuvering my small kitchen. The stove is electric, there’s less than two feet of prep space on the countertop and just a tiny nook for my beloved cookbooks. Yet, none of this detours me from turning out cakes, casseroles, and cookies on a regular basis. Even while sleeping my slow cooker is simmering tasty soups and stews.  As for the tools of my craft I use beautifully designed  utilitarian utensils for everyday cooking.  I believe my utensils are happiest when used and it is my culinary duty to bring them to life as often as possible.

Being Prepared

I’ve always had a slight obsession with surviving a disaster, maybe it comes from growing up with little money. I’m an avid list maker and  make lists ranging from: “how to survive a 3-day power outage” to “living for a year without a job” I find being prepared very comforting. I’ve watched so many sci-fi and disaster movies that I could  survive a Zombie attack or Alien invasion quite well.  Yes,  The Urban Kitten is a closet prepper.

Living Frugal, Kinda

I’ve been in and out of debt and much prefer being out of debt!  We live on half our income in an effort to get out of debt before retiring.  I find frugal living to be a wonderful challenge and get a little giddy when I save money.  I love clipping coupons and get the vapors over a good sale!