About Me

The Urban Kitten is about living with enough, saving money, being prepared for life’s financial emergencies and looking good while you’re doing it all. I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to experience life’s little luxuries and believe in quality over quantity.

I love fashion, but fashion doesn’t always love me back, uhh..umm, skinny jeans. An Urban Kitten knows when to splurge and when to save, she know what to wear to flatter her curves and she’s always prepared.

I love to cook but don’t always find the time so I’ve devised a few tips and tricks for maneuvering my small kitchen. I started the blog “The Modern Minimalist”” which focuses on cooking for two. Cooking is a passion and I really needed a separate blog to do the subject justice.

I’ve always had a slight obsession with surviving a disaster, maybe it comes from growing up with little money. I make lists ranging from: “what to have on hand for a 3-day power outage” to “how to survive for a year without a job” I find being prepared very comforting. I’ve watched so many sci-fi and disaster movies that I could probably survive a Zombie attack or Alien invasion quite well.

I live in a small condo with my husband and two cats, storage space is an issue, hence my penchant for a minimalist life. My blog “The Urban Kitten” is written from the perspective of someone who lives in the city and doesn’t have an acre of land to grow her own food and has modest means with expensive taste. The Urban Kitten is for all you guys and gals who have no intention of raising chickens or hoeing the back 40. You can be an urban prepper, a fashion plate, a modern minimalist and frugal all at the same time. The Urban Kitten is for those of you who are interested in a simpler chicer lifestyle.