6 Ways to STOP Spending Money

The number one way to stop spending  is to remove the temptation. Personally, I can’t go into a mall and not be tempted to buy something, that’s just me, I never was very good at “window shopping.” At the least, I’m going to spring for lunch or maybe coffee and a little sweet treat. Stop Spending Money by identifying and eliminating your spending triggers. 1. Stop Spending Money Means  You Need To STOP Shopping If you’re a recreational shopper, you may have a tough time with this one. Simple solution, but maybe not so easy, stay strong and resist the shopping temptation. 2. Wait before making a purchase It’s not new advice, but it does work, wait 24 hours before making a purchase. If you find something you absolutely must have and fear it will be gone if you wait to make the purchase, ask the store to put it … Continue reading 6 Ways to STOP Spending Money