3 Simple Frugal Tips Anyone Can Use

3 Simple Frugal Tips Anyone Can Use

Growing up my Mom and dad reused and mend everything, I never thought much of it other than, “why go to all that bother” I just assumed they were on the cheap side! As I got older, I realized it was because they both grew up during the Depression era and knew the value of a dime, or nowadays a dollar and I’ve found a new appreciation for their frugal ways. Start small with these 3 simple frugal living tips..

  1. Repair What You Own

I draw the line at mending socks, oddly enough my husband does precisely that!

Tiny holes turn into big holes and then it’s just too obvious and you end up tossing and buying new stuff.  Rediscover the lost art of mending with a simple needle and thread, and you will preserve some of your favorite clothing items and save some cash at the same time.  I’ve saved several cashmere sweaters by mending those tiny little holes.

Stains can also be removed sometimes,  before sending the item to the trash pile . I have one cotton summer top that I’ve renewed at least 4 times by simply dabbing a bit of whitening toothpaste on the stain!

  1. Start a Tiny Garden

In today’s busy world who has time or in many cases the space to garden, right.  I was wasting money buying herbs for recipes because I only needed a few sprigs of this or that herb.

I set up a tabletop greenhouse on my partially sunny balcony and started growing a few fresh herbs in my mini herb garden.  A tabletop greenhouse, a few pots and plants, and pair of herb snippers and I’m feeling like a real gardener.

I’m still researching which cherry or grape tomatoes might do well in a hanging pot and not need the usually full sun.  If anyone has had luck with container tomatoes on a not so sunny balcony, please let me know.

If you want to plant a more extensive garden with the usual, tomatoes, carrots, squash or whatever your favorite veggies are, then do a google search for community gardens in your area.

  1. Reuse Containers

I’m not a big fan using plastic to store food items so I save and reuse my glass containers and also found out that a small wide mouth mason jar has SO many uses.  My empty San Pelligrino bottles serve as my daily take to work water bottle.  My empty sour cream containers are perfect for storing small items that would otherwise end up scattered on the bottom of my kitchen junk drawer.  Yes, I have a junk drawer, and mom had one, and my mom’s mom, I can’t bear to break the tradition.

A Few Ideas To Reuse Empty Glass Jars

  • Store Nail and Screws
  • Ribbon or String Dispenser ( a favorite use)
  • Store Cotton puffs
  • Homemade Body Scrub
  • Small Flower Vase
  • Candle Holder ( a favorite use)
  • The Classic Button Jar
  • Store Emergency Matches
  • Use as a Planter ( a favorite use)


Happy Saving,

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